North County Cruisers

May 18th, 2014 Seventh Club Picnic

May 18th, 2008 Sixth Club Picnic

August 13th, 2006 Fifth Club Picnic

October 3rd, 2004 Fourth Annual Club Picnic

October 5th, 2003 Third Club Picnic

It had been 6 years since our last club picnic so I wasn't sure how larger our turnout would be. I was pleasantly surprised as more and more club members arrived. We ended up with a new record of 23 people (plus 2 dogs) attending. Once again, we were at the Lake Sutherland Dam and had the area pretty much to ourselves. Earlier in the week, we had 100 degree weather and 9 fires burning. We were fortunate to have beautiful weather and no smoke.

Our Group

Our group included Rob and Shaw Marie Clayburn, Carolyn Chapman, Mary Barrington, Kim Humphreys, Melissa L., Alan Miller, Jack & Melanie R., Stuart Cook, Gary Scandell and Tracy Wellman, Steve Schneider, Bill and Shelley Green, Sandra Shuff and her dog Lucy, Bill and Debbie Gloss with their dog Jack, Ken Meredith, John Piner and Emily McNeal, Manuel Pedro, and Steve Malott.


We started with the grill provided at the picnic area but soon added our own grill to handle extra burgers and hot dogs. We had a great view of Lake Sutherland although the lake level was very low.

Lake Sutherland

Sandra brought her dog Lucy while Bill and Debbie brought their dog Jack. Lucy and Jack enjoyed chasing around the grassy area.


Everyone brought their own food but there was a lot of sharing. We had enough left over food for another picnic.


Steve and Melissa rode out to the Lake Sutherland Dam to take the following picture.

Sutherland Dam

It was a great gathering friends that will be worth doing again next year.