North County Cruisers

Big Sur Motorcycle Adventures

August 26th-28th, 2005

We had a nice turnout of 10 bikes and two cars for our club Big Sur Trip. Our group included Mike Buys, Andrew Hartman, Ron & Marjie Brewer, Burt Sherriff, Sid & Nancy (friends of Walter and Sandy), Ron & Joan McLemore, Tom & Glenda Barker (Friends of Ron and Joan), Jim Cash, Michael Brogan, Doris & Steve Malott. Tom & Glenda rode their white Trike while Michael & Sid & Nancy drove their cars.

North County Cruisers Group

Friday was a travel day to get to Morro Bay. One group met at I-5 and Ortega Highway for breakfast. Others left earlier. Doris and I decided to trailer our bikes. All of us encountered heavy traffic and warm temperatures as we travelled thru L.A. and up highway 101. It was rather draining for those caught mid day in the heat.

Things improved as we approached the Morro Bay area and temperatures plunged. I unloaded our bikes and we checked into our room at the Best Western. We had mixed feelings about the Best Western but we did enjoy the wine, cheese, and crackers they provided each evening. We brought our wine and crackers outside and sat on our motorcycle trailer. There was a nice, cool breeze that combined nicely with the mist from the local car wash. We visited with Ron & Marjie, Mike, and Andrew while munching crackers. Andrew told us that he was just recovering from a sore throat so we scooched back away from him.

Everyone met for breakfast on Saturday Morning and we then headed up the coast. We were pleased to find that the marine layer had burned off and the temperature was in the upper 60's. Ron and Marjie led the ride at a moderate pace so we could enjoy the scenery. We skipped some of the stops from last year so we could ride the full length of Big Sur. We did stop at Ragged Point only to find it was socked in by fog. We stopped at an art gallery and took an extended break to enjoy the view.

The View

Last year's lunch at the Big Sur Park featured slow service with moderate food so we decided to try the Redwood Grill instead. Food was served much faster and was good. We tried eating outside but were soon chased inside by all of the bugs. (I am spoiled by our lack of bugs here in San Diego).

We continued North past Point Sur and stopped for a group picture. We then split into several groups so we could ride back at our own pace.

Pelican Flying The Coast

We arrived back in Morro Bay with plenty of time to load our bikes on our trailer. We then met for dinner at the Flying Dutchman restaurant. We enjoyed a terrific view from the patio.

Our thanks to Ron and Marjie for planning a memorable trip.

September 24th - 27th, 2004

Ron & Marjie Brewer led a group ride along the coast to Big Sur. Our group also included Walter & Sandy Wilson, their friends Sid & Nancy, Ron & Marjie's friends Dave & Nadine, Kelly Wier, Michael Brogan, Burt Sherriff, and Steve & Doris Malott. This made a group of 8 bikes plus a car.

North County Cruisers Group
Front Row: Marjie, Ron, Kelly, Sandy, Walter
Back Row: Michael, Burt, Dave, Nadine, Doris, Steve

Big Sur Road Map

Everyone traveled separately on Thursday and/or Friday arriving in Morro Bay. Doris and I trailored one bike while I rode the other. It took us 8 hours to take the long route by taking I-15 North to Rt. 395 North. We then took Rt. 58 all the way West to the Morro Bay area. The last section of Rt. 58 was very twisty and well worth the trip. Meanwhile, Burt left at 2 A.M. and was in Morro Bay by 9 A.M. Below you see the view of the ocean from Morro Bay.

Morro Bay View

We met on Saturday morning outside of "2 Dogs Restaurant" and rode thru the Morro Bay Embarcadaro. We then gassed up and heading North on Rt. 1 towards San Simeon. The entire coast was covered with a marine layer which limited visibility but kept the temperature cool.

Coastal View

We stopped at the wildlife viewing area that is a little North of San Simeon and the Hearst Castle. From there we could see about 50 elephant seals that were sunning themselves on the beach. A new deck had been built so that you could walk closer to where the seals laid but the seals had responded by moving farther up the shore.

Elephant Seals Parking Lot

We used the opportunity to take a group picture.

Elephant Seals View

We resumed riding North on Rt. 1. We found ourselves climbing higher with a sharp drop on our left to the ocean. We found ourselves halfway up the side of the mountain. The road became very twisty with an occasional switchback. In other words, the riding became a lot of fun. There were some areas where the road had been repaired following an avalanche.

The road leveled out as we turned into the Pfeiffer Burns State Park. We hiked down a trail that passed under Rt. 1 and came to a great view of a small waterfall next to a cove. To the North, we had another great view along the shore.

Pfeiffer View

We resumed riding North again and finally emerged from the marine layer. Without the clouds, it became noticeably warmer. We turned into the Big Sur State Park and went inside their restaurant for a well deserved lunch. The prices were higher and the service was slow but the food vanished quickly.

Another Coastal View

It was now 2 P.M. and it had taken 5 hours to make it to Big Sur. We decided to start heading back so that we wouldn't have to ride in the dark. We made few stops on the way back and were back in Morro Bay by 5 P.M. We gathered in the patio of our hotel for a champagne toast to a very memorable day.