North County Cruisers

2010 Big Sur Motorcycle Adventure

September 10th-12th, 2010

Ride Leader: John Piner

Writeup by John Piner and John Moran

Pictures by Dennis Santi

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Our Group


Friday -- September 10th, 2010

Once again, we had a group of adventursome riders (22 bikes / 27 people) who rode to Big Sur for the weekend. The group included John Piner, Ray and Jo Barber, Roger Perez, Conny Ross, Carolyn Chapman, Rick and Drew and Bob Widmark, Doug Bonhaus, Larry and Louise James, John and Terri Moran, Joel and Layla Acosta, Stuart Cook, Steve DeRosa and Mary, Dan and Chanelle Lehtonen, Jack Rodgers, Manuel Pedro, Dennis Santi, Mary Barrington, David Winer plus the Goldwing rider from Pennsylvania.

John Piner set a proposed route and we followed most of it, some of the riders more than others. We met at the overflow parking lot opposite Joe's Crab Shack and departed about 0815. We had about 17 bikes at the start plus Ray and Jo Barber trailering 2 bikes up for the Saturday ride. Larry James and Steve DeRosa headed up at 0600 to secure the camping area for about half of the group (good job guys it was great to have the camp sites close together). John Piner lead and John Moran was in the middle of the pack to lead a second group in case the group was split up. Surprisingly the group was able to stay together through LA - LA traffic was not nearly as bad as the time Terri and I headed up to Sequoia and Kings Canyon in late July.

At the first stop we met up with Jack Rodgers and now had 18 bikes in the group. We continued to stay together, one of the riders, not to dime any one out Conny Ross, had a little difficulty with a roll bag on top of her touring bag. We pulled over on the 405 and Joel Acosta had and extra strap to secure the bag on Conny's bike. The group successfully met up at the next stop, a coffee shop in Santa Monica. Later we had a great lunch at Bandit's Bar and Grill. The ride was pretty uneventful to the Chevron gas stop, of course Drew Widmark and John and Terri Moran both had to dodge the same cage driver unwarily veering into their lane at different times. (Sometimes it feels like some cagers are out to get us but maybe I am paranoid).


The plan was to hand the lead over to Dan Lehtonen to bring us up San Marcos Rd to San Marcos Pass. Well the lead did get turned over and a couple of bikes got delayed making a U-Turn out of the Chevron gas stop. The folks that missed the group because of the U-turn delay decided to run directly up San Marcos Pass and wait after [Old] San Marcos Rd for the group, after 15 minutes of waiting the group decided to go on. At the end of San Marcos Pass just before the 101, 2 other bikers were pulled over to the side waiting for the main group. All 4 waited for the main group and when they arrived everyone proceeded north on the 101.

Saturday -- September 11th, 2010

Our riders were split into two groups. Those staying in hotels and those camping out. The camping group headed to the Creekside Diner for breakfast. The diner was not expecting a big crowd and it looked like they called in some help. The breakfast was good. Then we headed for Moonstone beach to meet everyone to start the day. Apparently the bike dropping contest had begun so the non-camping portion of the group arrived at Moonstone about 9:50, a little past the expected time. After some chatting some plans were put in place and the ride was getting ready to start. A group of 4 riders decided to go inland to avoid the marine layer and ride back, south, down the coast. The rest decided to head up the coast and continue to hope for the "Great Burn Off" of the marine layer.


The coast group headed to see the elephant seals on the beach and were not disappointed. We were even able to see some of the seals make their way up on the beach. We continued the trek up the coast. Of course, there was a bicycle event going on but there was little impact on the group. Next was a gas stop and a quick break followed by a ride to Rocky Mountain Cafe for lunch. We stopped at the Big Sur Bakery and Restaurant and some of us decided to eat there, once is enough. Others headed down the parking lot to the Big Sur Deli, that seemed to be a bigger hit. Here the group decided to head up to Bixby Bridge for some photos then head back south. We were still waiting for the "Great Burn Off" and were hoping that the view at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park would be clear. Of course the burn off never happened and we stopped along US 1 instead of pulling into the park. We made one more rest stop at Ragged Point Inn before heading back to our perspective accommodations. Both the campers and the non-campers had a great time and made the most of their perspective locations.


The camping camaraderie was unbelievable, as I am sure the Morro Bay Lodging camaraderie was as well. The camping group went to a pizza place for dinner and for the most part things went well, Okay Rodger wasn't particularly happy with the waitresses definition of large but that is another story. Back to the campsite and to a little time around the fire, thanks Ray, then to bed to wait the next day's adventures.


Sunday -- September 12th, 2010

Bridge Group Picture

There is talk of delaying next year's Big Sur trip until October or November. We hear that there is no fog and the temperatures will still be pleasant.