North County Cruisers

2009 Big Sur Motorcycle Adventure

September 11th-13th, 2009

Ride Leaders: Ray and Jo Barber

Writeup by John Moran

Pictures by Alan Miller

Previous Years Club Big Sur Trip Reports

North County Cruisers Group

Note: See our previous year's trip reports for details of the route taken for this trip.

Friday -- September 11th, 2009

Once again, we had a group of adventursome riders who rode to Big Sur for the weekend. The group included Ray and Jo Barber, John and Terri Moran, Dennis Santi, Clyde Powell, Alan Miller, Steve DeRosa, Jack Rodgers, Kolbe Launchbaugh, and Larry James.

Clyde, Kolbe, John Moran, Dennis Santi met at the Rt. 76 and I-15 park and ride for an 8:30 AM departure. Headed west on 76 to I-5 to I-405 to I-10. Just before I-10 we took a break and made contact with Alan and Jack riding together towards the coast. We planned to meet up at "Neptune's Net" to grab some food and continue on together. We continued on I-10 to US1 Pacific Coast Highway (PCH). Made a quick stop at Pepperdine to view the flags commemorating the 9/11 fallen. Then continued on to Neptune's and met up with Jack and Alan.

Starting Out

The six of us took PCH to 101 with some minor diversions then exited for North San Marcos Road. We were now determined to make the ride more interesting, we succeeded. North San Marcos Road provided some good twisties crossing over San Marcos Pass Rd to Painted Cave Rd (there is Chumash cave with cave paintings we rode by but didn't stop, Painted Cave State Historic Park). We were following a GPS route that was done by hand all was going well until we circled back on to our route. I somehow forgot to connect up with and continue on Painted Cave Rd to hook us back up with San Marcos Pass Rd. A little help from the locals got us back on track, as well as the recipients of some curious looks and hand signing (none vulgar). When we dropped back down on San Marcos Pass Rd we stopped for a quick map review. We saw Ray and Jo Barber pass us and beep to say hi. Next we traveled out 246 (Armour Ranch Rd) to Drum Canyon Rd. Drum Canyon Rd started out as a straight easy ride then became particularly bumpy, then twisty.

We continued on 135 back to PCH and eventually stopped in Guadalupe to gas up. It was well after 5:00PM and we decided we needed to hightail it to Morro Bay and our respective destinations for the evening. We headed back to highway 101 and stopped on the shoulder before the 1st Morro Bay exit. From here we broke off and went to our specific destinations. Dennis, Terri and I headed to San Simeon State Park. The last part of the ride especially the last 20 miles were pretty miserable. The marine layer came in with a vengeance and the temperatures were significantly lower. We were all pretty cold and miserable on the ride up to the campground. Luckily Steve DeRosa and Larry James had already checked-in and secured our camp site. We quickly set up camp and rode back to town for some pizza then settled in for the evening.

Saturday -- September 12th, 2009

Watching the Elephant Seals

Checking out the Elephant Seals on the beach near San Simeon.

Big Sur View

Part of the scenery on the way to Big Sur.

View of bridge

More scenery.

Sunday -- September 13th, 2009

Sunday was a travel day to head home from Morro Bay. The group split up to take different routes home.

Old Faithful Water Fountain

Dennis stares in awe at the West Coast version of Old Faithful.