North County Cruisers

2008 Big Sur Motorcycle Adventure

September 12th-14th, 2008

Ride Leaders: Ray and Jo Barber, Dan and Marie Lehtonen

Writeup by Ray Barber

Pictures by Alan Miller

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North County Cruisers Group

Friday -- September 12th, 2008

The trip began on an early Friday morning. The sun was up...but it wasn't out..the overcast made for a very "cool" ride.

The group included Dan and Marie Lehtonen, Jim Cash, Lew Thompson, Art Roberts, Carolyn Chapman, Mary Barrington, Alan Miller, Rick and Drew Widmark, Burt Sherriff, John Piner, and Jo and myself. Dan and Marie graciously led our group from the Oceanside Harbor up the coast at around 8:15 a.m. Our first 'designated' stop was at the Daily Grind in Seal Beach. A little behind schedule, we continued along the coast and stopped for lunch at Neptunes in Malibu....good food. (Great choice Dan!) We continued up the coast to Santa Barbara where Art took the lead and led us through San Marcos Pass. This is a fun detour but you better be on your toes . A couple of signs with arrows made a complete circle that looked like donuts and I mean complete circles! It makes for a challenging but fun ride. We continued on through to the 101 where Dan took back the lead. This is where Lew noticed that Mary was losing one of her saddle bags. We pulled over and took care of it and John P. took Mary's bags.

Starting Out

We continued on up the road and reached Morro Bay around 5:30. The majority of us met for dinner at 7:00 and we were joined by Rick's sister Donna from San Francisco. We walked down to the Embarcadero and had dinner at Osyter's Rock Bar. This place had no lines and had a band so it looked good to us. The view was beautiful..watching the sun set behind the big Rock. Jim and Lew were a little ahead of the rest of us and ate at a place called the Hofbrau.

Sunset at Morro Rock

Saturday -- September 13th, 2008

Riding along the coast

Saturday morning a few of the gang met for breakfast..the rest of us had chocolate milk and donuts ie; "me". This is where I reluctantly took the lead up the coast to Cambria..Moonstone Beach. This was a good photo opp. Alan got some nice pictures which included our group picture. We had a short discussion and decided to stop at Gorda for those needing gas. $6.40 a gallon!

Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park

We continued on to Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park and hiked along the trails to the infamous waterfall. (See Alan's photos.) We continued up to Big Sur where we had lunch at the Big Sur Bakery. After lunch a few riders decided to head back. The rest of the group continued North to Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park. The group became split as Carolyn, Alan, Rick and Drew continued up the coast about 20 miles heading for Monterey before they realized we were not ahead of them. Meanwhile, the rest of us headed back South to Ragged Point where we met up with Jim and Lew.

It was at this point we realized that the other four were not with Jim and Lew. As it turned out they enjoyed their 20 mile detour where they enjoyed 20 more beautiful miles of coastline. Dan and Marie, Mary, Art, John, Jo and I stopped to see the Elephant Seals. At this point Dan had mentioned a trail that he wanted to check out on the way back. It was the Santa Rosa Creek. By the time we got to that point we were down to 3 bikes. Everyone else headed back to the hotel. It was getting late in the day. But what a great ride with great views. Thanks again Dan!

Elephant Seals

Sunday -- September 14th, 2008

On Sunday, the ride home Dan took over the lead. We pretty much did a reverse as the ride out except we didn't have to go down San Marcos Pass. (whew!) We stopped at Bandits BBQ for lunch. We then took a detour through Santa Monica Hills and ended up in front of Pepperdine University in Malibu where we stopped and took pictures of all the flags. This was an awesome sight. This was our last stop where everyone headed for home at their own pace. It was a fun trip. It was so nice having Alan there taking all the pictures. Since my memory is short these days I can always look back and remember the fun we had. Can't wait until next year!

Pepperdine University Flags