10th North County Cruisers

Angeles Crest Highway/ Big Bear Adventure

September 25th-27th, 2015

Writeup by Bill Green, Ride Leader

Pictures by Alan Miller and Kim Humphreys

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A big thanks to Bill Green for leading this year's Angeles Crest Highway / Big Bear club ride. It the past, Steve Malott has led the rides but was on vacation this year. The Angeles Crest Highway ride was complicated by a mud slide that blocked the best section of the ride. Bill was able to come up with an entertaining route that bypassed the mud slide.

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Friday, September 25th

Riding to our Cajon Pass Hotel

Shelley and I along with Kim Humphreys and Constant de Calonne left the park and ride Friday afternoon for the hotel. It was not long before we hit our first traffic jam on the 215 due to an accident. After we made it past the accident the rest of the ride was hot but the traffic only slowed a few move times.

After getting to the hotel we decided to take advantage of the air conditioning before dinner. Our ride to Wrightwood included Kim, Shaw Marie and Rob Clayburn. We rode Lone Pine Canyon Road into Wrightwood and ate at the Evergreen Cafe. Afterward we walked the town and stopped at Jansen's market for supplies. We returned to the hotel and had a pleasant time chatting poolside.

Evergreen Cafe

Saturday, October 11th

Angeles Crest Highway

Angeles Crest Road Map

On Saturday morning our group included Kim Humphreys, Constant de Calonne, Shaw Marie and Rob Clayburn. Riding up on Saturday morning was Alan Miller, Stuart Cook and Lew Thompson. Stuart had three friends join us, Mickey McGuire, Mike Brink, and Tim. I played leader and Shelley made sure I kept the group together.

Start Point

The Guys

Because a small portion of Angeles Crest Highway was closed due to a mudslide, we decided to improvise. We rode SR138 and SR2 into Wrightwood and Big Pines Highway to the Devil's Punch Bowl. Our first stop was at the San Andreas fault for photos.

San Andreas

We continued to the Devil's Punch Bowl. Alan was unable to get any gray fox photos. Due to the drought the grills in the Punch Bowl picnic area were closed. We could still check out the punchbowl and the owl.



We left the Devil's Punch Bowl area and rode to Pearblossom for a fuel stop before we headed to the mountains. With full tanks we rode Longview Rd, Fort Tejon Rd, Mt. Emma Rd and Angeles Forest Hwy to Upper Big Tujunga Canyon Road onto Angeles Crest Highway.


We stopped on Angeles Crest Highway to decide whether to stay on Angeles Crest and ride the open portion or head to the Crystal Lake Cafe at the north end of SR39. We decided to head for the Crystal Lake Cafe. We skipped Mt. Wilson and rode into La Canada for lunch.

After lunch and refueling I led the group east on I-210 toward Azusa. MAJOR traffic jam, it took us twice as long to make it to Azusa as it should have. Poor planning on my part. I'd like to thank everyone for sticking together. I know the bikes and riders were hot. We finally made it to Azusa and after a quick stop to rest the clutch hand we headed up SR39 toward Crystal Lake Cafe.

At one time SR39 connected to Angeles Crest Highway. The northern portion of SR39 has been closed for years. It was a beautiful ride up SR39 starting with sweepers past the San Gabriel Reservoir and tighter turns the higher we rode. We stopped at the Crystal Lake Cafe for a break.

Crystal Lake

Crystal Lake

By now it was approaching 4 pm and the folks who rode up on Saturday morning were getting tired and decided to head back to the hotel or home.


I led Constant, Rob and Shaw Marie and Alan to Mt. Baldy. We rode back down SR39 and turned left on E. Fork Road at the northern end of the San Gabriel Reservoir. We rode E. Fork Road to Glendora Mountain Road to Glendora Ridge Road. These were truly awesome mountain roads with tight turns, man-made stone walls and very little traffic. Glendora Ridge Road ends at Mt. Baldy Road and we rode north on Mt. Baldy Road through the small mountain town of Mt. Baldy. We continued north toward the Mt. Baldy Ski Lift. Mt. Baldy Road north of Ice Canyon Road has some of the tightest 180 degree switchbacks I have ever been on. Because of dirt on the roadway we stopped short of the ski area parking lot and just admired the view. We continued our ride down Mt. Baldy Road to N. Mountain Ave into the town of Upland for dinner. After we rode back to the hotel getting in about 8pm. It was a long but good day. The night ended with food, drink and conversation poolside.

Sunday, September 26th

Big Bear and Home

Sunday was another sunny day with the temperature somewhat cooler. Stuart woke up a little under the weather and decided to head home. Our group to Big Bear included Alan, Kim, Constant, Rob & Shaw Marie, Mickey, Shelley and I. We decided to leave a little later on Sunday and kick stands were up around 9:30.

We headed east on SR138



and had our first stop at the Silverwood Lake lookout. The lake was full of boats and people enjoying the day.



We continued east on 138 through the twisties toward Crestline. We joined SR18 eastbound also known as "Rim of the World Hwy". We stopped to admire the view looking down into the San Bernardino Valley.



Traffic was light and we got into the Big Bear area around lunchtime. We looped the lake and stopped in our normal public parking lot. Alan decided to head home and prepped for the hot weather in the valley by soaking his cool vest. The rest of us had lunch at Saucy Mamma's Pizzeria. Lunch was good and afterwards the guys went for ice cream while the ladies stopped in some of the shops. We left Big Bear and headed down the mountain on SR38. As we headed down the temperature headed up and by the time we got to Redlands it was in the 90's again. We said our goodbyes in Redlands and the group headed home on the hot freeway. Luckily the traffic was OK and we all made it back safe and sound.



I was disappointed Angeles Crest Hwy was closed (two weeks later it is still closed) but overall I think everyone had a good time. I know Shelley and I did. I'd like to thank the folks that trusted me enough to follow me around and also all the photographers that posted their pictures.